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Are you looking for a free way to convert your AAC audio files to AIFF? Look no further than our collection of free software and freemium software options. Below we’ll provide some answers to common questions about opening and editing AAC and AIFF files, as well as some options for free AAC to AIFF converters.

How to Open AAC Files

If you need to open an AAC file, you can use a media player such as iTunes or VLC. Alternatively, you can convert the file to a more widely compatible format using a free online converter like FreeConverting.

How to Open AIFF Files

To open an AIFF file, you can use a media player like iTunes or QuickTime Player on a Mac. If you’re on Windows, you can use a program like VLC. You can also convert the file to a more widely compatible format using a free converter like Free AIFF to MP3 Converter.

Can You Edit AAC or AIFF Files?

Yes, both AAC and AIFF files can be edited using audio editing software like Audacity. Some paid software options for editing these files include Adobe Audition and Pro Tools.

Free AAC to AIFF Converters

If you’re looking for a free AAC to AIFF converter, here are some options:

  1. Standalone Installer AAC to AIFF Converter

Overall, there are plenty of free software options for converting your AAC files to AIFF. Try out some of these converters and see which works best for your needs.


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