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How to convert pdf files and download them?.

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How it works?


How to convert files?

Visit our online coverter websites like online pdf converter. There you can upload files and converter different files to different format. For example follow the following 5 easy steps to convert a word file to pdf document format.

1- Select the converter service

Select appropriate converter from dropdown on our online converter: in this case Word to PDF

2- Upload files

Click green button to select or drag drop files on the online converter interface.

3- Start conversion

After selecting file, now you click start arrow button to start the upload and conversion process.

4- Wait for the conversion

You will see progress bar, here you will need to wait for a few seconds to so the conversion get completed.

5- Download converted file

On the next page, just click Download file link to get the converted file.

Learn how to convert

To use different types of tools we need different set of settings to achieve correct results.

General rules for file uploads

  1. Download link expires in 1 hour, so files get cleaned from our servers as well.
  2. Max character lenght for any filename is 20 and extension is not required.
  3. Password protected files are not supported yet.
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