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Will my personal/professional files be safe while using PDF Tools?

Yes, your files will be 100% secure. All communications between your device and our servers are done within secure channel (SSL) with HSTS enabled, which prevents data to be altered or diverted. Files are bound to your IP, so only the user, who initiated the conversion, can get the output file.

What are the benefits of creating account on PDF Tools?

To keep our user's original source files secure, we move them to a secure location on our servers and with account creation you can manage your files your-self and convert or download them again when you need it.

How Documents Manager interface looks?

Interface is simple, all files are listed in a table, you can convert, download and delete them. You can upload more files as well, which all supports 5 files at once. Heres are some interface screenshots.

Easy conversions.
Conversions take seconds.
Managing files is easy.

Learn how to convert

To use different types of tools we need different set of settings to achieve correct results.

General rules for file uploads

  1. Download link expires in 1 hour, so files get cleaned from our servers as well.
  2. Max character lenght for any filename is 20 and extension is not required.
  3. Password protected files are not supported yet.
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