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Split PDF into smaller parts

Split PDF into smaller parts

Often we need to extract pages from a big pdf file, we can't do it manually. So we built PDF Splitter tool to do pdf splitting task easily with fewer clicks possible. Follow these steps to split a pdf file.

Split PDF File in simple way

  • First we need to open PDF Splitter tool page, that will look like this:
Figure 1
  • Now select pdf file by clicking green button, and then write the pages that you need to extract.
Figure 2
  • And then click Arrow button to start splitting pdf. Wait for few seconds and you will be redirected to download the file.
Figure 3
  • Download page looks like this, click download link to get the file.
Figure 4

Click downloaded file to see the splitted pdf file in that.

Figure 5
  • See pdf file with name 1-5.pdf (custom name we used in start of the conversion).
Figure 6

Want to split pdf into more than one part?

Splitting single pdf into multiple parts at one go is easy with our PDF Splitter tool, on Figure 1 step, click more button to add more parts.

Figure 7

Learn how to convert

To use different types of tools we need different set of settings to achieve correct results.

General rules for file uploads

  1. Download link expires in 1 hour, so files get cleaned from our servers as well.
  2. Max character lenght for any filename is 20 and extension is not required.
  3. Password protected files are not supported yet.