Merge multiple PDF files into one

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Merge multiple PDF files into one

Merge multiple PDF files into one


To save disk space, or just to organize things better, or stitching scattered pdf pages into one, we need pdf merge tool.

Merging PDF's is easy

Just follow these few steps to merge multiple pdfs into one big pdf.

  • Select all the pdf files that you want to merge. You can use custom filename as well (optional).
  • And then click arrow button to start the conversion.
  • Wait for few seconds so our pdf tool can upload and merge your pdf files. It will redirect you to download page.
  • Click download link to get the merged pdf file. See it downloaded it with the name we entered in step one.

Learn how to convert

To use different types of tools we need different set of settings to achieve correct results.

General rules for file uploads

  1. Download link expires in 1 hour, so files get cleaned from our servers as well.
  2. Max character lenght for any filename is 20 and extension is not required.
  3. Password protected files are not supported yet.
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